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Audio, video or photo evidence? Can you understand it? Can you trust it?
Make any content clear and get rid of deepfakes!

Ottimizzazione immagini e video
Images and Video
Images and Videos analysis for investigation purposes.
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Ricostruzione tracce audio
Improvement of disturbed or unclear audio files to clarify particular details.
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ricostruzioni targhe
Car Plate Reconstruction
Reconstructing driving plates from blurred or low quality footage.
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Reliability checks on informations contained in files and documents coming from uncertain sources.
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analisi antropometrice
Biometric identification of one or more subjects from images or videos.
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Sistemi di videosorveglianza
Video-surveillance Systems
Extraction and analysis of footage from video surveillance systems.
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Trascrizione registrazioni
Recordings Transcription
Interpretation and transcription of events and speech from audio recordings.
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Misurazioni 2D 3D
2D-3D Measurements
Distance analysis of a scene calculated through specific software.
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Logo ictlab Catania Digital forensics

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