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Riconoscimento di un soggetto e analisi dei dati biometrici

The analysis aims to identify an individual captured by the surveillance system and compare them with a person reported to the authorities, including the assessment of biometric characteristics such as height and physical build.


Private Individual

The Case

Analysis aimed at recognizing a subject captured by the surveillance system and a subject reported to the authorities.

Examined Evidence

Evaluation of the video material contained on two DVDs and extracted from surveillance cameras.

Techniques adopted

Video frames improvement through Amped Five software.


Through the analysis of material from the surveillance system, the subject's facial features compatibility emerged, and the most significant frames were isolated.

However, the elements considered, while compatible, are not sufficient for a certain identification.

The investigations on distinguishing marks revealed areas of different coloring on the subject's left arm, consistent with the presence of tattoos.

In conclusion, a judgment of possible identification is expressed.

Logo ictlab Catania Digital forensics

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