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Road Crash Reconstruction

In case the events of an accident cannot be reconstructed due to a lack of video or photos depicting the accident scene, it is possible to intervene by conducting damage assessments at the scene and analyzing the systems of the vehicles involved if provided with an onboard computer.

The dynamics of a road accident can be verified from material data found at the accident scene or directly from the damage on the cars involved in the accident.

Among the modern tools for accident reconstruction at iCTLab, we have 3D scanners and cameras, drones, laser meters, and specialized software for event simulation in virtual environments.

In addition, we are the only company in Sicily to be equipped with Bosch's Crash Data Retrieval, an innovative tool that allows us to acquire the technical information of a car following an accident so that we can analyse the condition of the vehicle while in motion and in the moments before the accident. The extrapolated data set includes speed, braking, steering and every other values recorded by the on-board sensors.

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Logo ictlab Catania Digital forensics

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