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These are some of many Digital Forensics services that iCTLab provides for any of your needs.

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Multimedia Contents
Audio, video or photo evidence? Can you understand it? Can you trust it? Make everything clear and get rid of deepfakes.
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digital forensics università di catania
Smartphone, PC or even drones involved? We recover, extract and analyse every kind of device. If something is lost or hidden, we can retrieve it. Everything from a forensic perspective.
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digital forensics
Web data
In an ever-changing cyberworld we collect and analyse data coming from every web source. Crystallise social media posts, chat messages or navigation histories and make it ready to be used in court.
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digital forensics università
Events Reconstruction
Past never comes back. Not for us! We reconstruct events in a 3D environment to evaluate unknown possibilities through millions of possible scenarios.
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They will ensure that your problem is properly analyzed and will work to find clues that could respond to the client's needs.

Logo ictlab Catania Digital forensics

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