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Car Plate Reconstruction

Uncertainty Simulation

Reconstructing the dynamics of an accident through specifically generated simulations by analysing the findings on the accident place.


Public prosecutor’s office in Catania

The Case

An elderly lady was run over by a car while crossing the road. The driver stated that he had poor visibility due to the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Examined Evidence

Assessment of the impact points found on the car, the braking crawls on the asphalt together with the fractures sustained by the victim.

Techniques adopted

On-site analysis and reenactment of the events in 3D simulation.


Following the reconstruction of the three-dimensional scenario of the locations, a series of simulations were carried out, trying to replicate all the unknown variables from the few certain variables. The ultimate aim was to understand whether the actors involved in the accident could have sufficient visibility and mutual speed to avoid the accident.

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Logo ictlab Catania Digital forensics

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